Learn Ashtanga Yoga from acclaimed teachers Thom and Beryl Bender Birch. Power Yoga for Runners is an energetic and completely unique yoga video. Developed by a world class runner for runners and athletes, this video will easily show you how to incorporate the ancient and healing yoga form called Yoga Chikitsa (or yoga therapy) into your daily workout.
The 30 minute ashtanga power yoga video is a high-energy, high-heat yoga workout - for athletes interested in a serious and effective fitness regimen. Power Yoga for Runners combines innovative, vigorous warm-up exercises, strengthening standing postures, seated stretches and twists, and meditative cool down with a powerful yoga breathing method called Ujjayi breathing. This classical breathing technique links your body and mind, developing concentration and generating extraordinary heat, a trade mark ingredient of this practice. The high heat and high energy condition makes it possible for you to safely realign and biomechanically balance your body, the answer to sports injury prevention and recovery.
Breathing correctly is a critical part of the power yoga practice. We have included the sound of the breath to assist you in learning the Ujjayi breathing technique. The breathing is recorded on a separate stereo track so that you may have the option of including it or not. Thom and Beryl Bender Birch often show variations for the Ashtanga asanas (postures), allowing you to chose the level of difficulty that is right for you and advance when ready. The Yoga Therapy of Ashtanga will enrich your running and transform your life.



  Presented by Rising Star Entertainment and The Hard and The Soft Astanga Yoga Institute.
Produced by Edgar Ievins and directed by Donald Hauser.
2002 All Rights Reserved